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Free Shipping on orders $40+.

Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler
Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler
Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler
Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler
Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler
Re-lift Instant Eyelash Curler

Instant Eyelash Curler


Instant Curl • Long Lasting • Ergonomic • For All Eye Shapes 

“As someone with straight Asian lashes that could never hold a curl, no matter what I tried, I always assumed eyelash curlers simply didn’t work for me. Enter Re-lift. Within a few squeezes, Re-lift gives me the perfect curl that lifts, lengthens and lasts the day.” - Ashley Ocampo, Founder 


  • Provides a long-lasting, deep curl
  • Grabs every lash from inner to outer corner without pinching eyelids
  • Ergonomic handle is easy-to-use and comfortable
  • Ultra-dense, flexible silicone pads are gentle and safe on lashes
  • Works for all eye shapes
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Re-lift  Instant Eyelash Curler
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Your dream curl in one squeeze. Featuring an ultra-dense pad that applies just the right amount of pressure, Re-lift instantly curls even the most stubborn straight lashes. The deep curve is uniquely designed to comfortably grab every lash, no matter the eye shape, from inner to outer corner, without pinching skin, for lengthened lashes that withstand the day (and night!)


Align the rubber pad to the base of your upper lashes, then squeeze and hold gently. Fully release lashes before pulling away. Repeat as many times as you need to achieve your dream curl. Clean rubber pad after each use.

Warning: Use lash curler before applying mascara to avoid damage to lashes. Always release your lashes fully before pulling the curler away. Use with caution. Keep out of reach of children.


  • 92% said it kept their lashes curled all day*
  • 92% said it grabbed all of their lashes, including the outer ones*
  • 92% said it fit the shape of their eyes*
  • 92% said it felt gentle and safe on their lashes*
  • 96% said it curled without pinching their eyelids*
*in an independent survey of 24 people of all different eye shapes

Eyelash Curler Q&As

Will Re-lift fit my eye shape?

Yes, Re-lift works with all eye shapes.

Will Re-lift damage my lashes?

No, the flexible silicone pads apply safe and gentle pressure on the lashes. Use the curler before applying mascara to avoid any damage.

Does Re-lift come with a replacement pad?

Yes, Re-lift comes with the included silicone rubber pad and 1 replacement pad.

How often should I replace the silicone pad?

Replace your silicone pad every 3 months or when it’s worn down. Once you use the included replacement pad, we recommend getting a new curler for maximum precision and lash health.