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Brows That Wow?
Meet Re-define Precision Brow Pen

Re-defining the Eyebrow Game

90s fashion may be all the rage, but that decade’s overly-plucked, penciled-in eyebrow trend hasn’t made a comeback. The strong brow game is still going strong, but instead of the “Instagram brow,” 2022’s softly sculpted and natural look works on everyone. For those who don’t want to sweep on a hair-growing serum, shell out big bucks for microblading or use multiple products to get their desired effect, Re-define is the ultimate eye essential. This brilliantly designed 2-in-1 brow pen creates soft rounded strokes with a soft matte finish to lock hairs in place—no brow gel needed.

Why Re-define Is One of a Kind

A good brow product is a must to camouflage stray hairs, define poorly shaped brows, add fullness, enhance symmetry and frame the face. Our founder, Ashley, loves the soft natural look that a pencil or powder creates, but needed something with more intensity and extreme staying power. So she tested tons of designs, brush tips and formulas until she came up with her dream brow product: a 100% smudge-proof, long-wearing liquid pencil that combines buildable definition with budge-proof precision.

“Super precise, color is very buildable, application is super easy to control, and very impressive staying power.”

Teresa F, HALEYS Customer / Beauty Obsessionist

The Look of a Pencil. The Long-Wear of Liquid.

Re-define is one of a kind—creating both subtle and high-drama brows. Since most brow pencils have a tendency to lose intensity, Re-define was designed to mimic a liquid pen for all-day budge-proof payoff. But unlike the typical felt tip that draws ultra-fine, sharp lines, Re-define’s felt tip delivers soft rounded strokes, similar to an eyebrow pencil. It’s also forgiving—giving you two minutes of play time before setting like a brow gel, and also withstanding water, sweat and humidity.

“I like to think of this product as a primer, brow pencil, and brow gel all in one. I love products that make my makeup routine quicker and more efficient.”

Ellen, HALEYS Customer / Beauty Obsessionist
brow pen

How to Find Your Shade of Re-define

Finding a shade to complement your brow color is easy. Our advice? Select the shade that most resembles your natural brow color. Taupe usually works best for blonde, red, and light-to-medium brown hair, while Medium Brown works best for medium-to-dark brown and black hair. But don’t assume you have to switch to a darker hue after the first application. If the color appears too light, try layering for extra depth.

“I love this shade. It matches so well and the color blends in with my brows.”

Karenc, HALEYS Customer / Beauty Obsessionist
brow pen

How to use Re-define in 3 Easy Steps

Re-define actually saves time since it doubles as a brow gel. Just make sure to shake first and layer as needed.

  • Step 1: Shake packaging before every use.
  • Step 2: Outline your brows then, fill in starting from your tail.
  • Step 3: Re–dip for more product and layer for more coverage or definition.

Founder Tip: Before re–dipping, use the remaining product for lighter natural coverage at the front of your brows.

“I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to apply and even more thrilled when it came out looking even more natural than my regular routine!”

Chachi, HALEYS Customer / Beauty Obsessionist
brow pen

Go From Subtle to High-Drama Just Like That

No matter what kind of eyebrow style you crave, you now only need one product in your makeup bag. From full and fluffy to more precise arches, Re-define is re-defining the eyebrow game.

“Gamechanger. I love that this one pen saves so much time and replaces several brow products.”

DKim, HALEYS Customer / Beauty Obsessionist
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