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Meet Re-sculpt Smoothing Contour Powder

Sculpted definition. Nourishing ingredients. Beautiful blurred finish.


Re-sculpt Contour Powder

Just a Craze or Here to Stay?

Contouring has been a staple on the IG scene ever since a certain famous family from Calabasas professed their die-hard love for the magical stuff. The influencers took it mainstream, and suddenly barely-there noses, sharp-as-glass features, and sky-high cheekbones were all the rage. The idea that it could create symmetry, make your fivehead smaller, and basically transform your face shape was intriguing. Although the chiseled effect worked well on screen, IRL it could be extreme. Too many products, too many steps, too complex. And the effects? Sometimes harsh and streaky, possibly muddy, dare we say… dirty looking?

Re-sculpt Contour Powder

Contouring 2.0

Contouring may have gotten a bad rap, but the end result doesn’t have to be so in your face… on your face. In fact, the best contour isn’t noticeable at all. (There’s just a slight learning curve involved.) By using a high-performance product paired with a simplified technique, you can seamlessly sculpt subtle definition that brings out your best features.

Ready to contour? Say no more! Our new Re-sculpt Contour Powder is the easy-to-use tool you’ve been waiting for.

How Re-sculpt Brings Out Your Best Features

Re-sculpt Contouring Powder

Sculpting your best features has never been easier. Powered by skin-loving ingredients, this velvety soft makeup contour powder delivers sculpted definition and breakthrough blurring action for a natural-looking matte finish. For cheekbones that pop, a jawline that won’t stop, and eyes that mesmerize. Beautiful, buildable, but still you.

Why It’s Different

It may not look like much, but this single palette does a lot. Re-sculpt nourishes skin, delivers all over warmth, doubles as a non-shimmery bronzer—and can even contour the eye area! Simply put, this versatile powder is easy to love and hard to mess up. Plus it contains our signature spherical powder, a lightweight, non-caking powder that smooths, blurs, and blends in seamlessly—leaving behind an airbrushed filter-like finish.

What’s in It

Besides spherical powder, we packed Re-sculpt with cruelty-free, skin-loving ingredients. Shea Butter nourishes, protects, and hydrates in an instant, while chamomile flower water reduces redness and soothes irritation.

How to Use It

Re-sculpt isn’t intimidating. Designed for both beginners and beauty maximalists alike, just one shade is needed to make your features pop. But remember, this isn’t foundation that’s meant to match your skin tone. Select a shade that’s 2-3 shades darker from your complexion.

Simply swirl the brush into powder and tap off excess. Apply across the upper cheek and down the nose, forehead and other areas to enhance and sculpt your favorite features. No technical face painting, no 20-minute routine, no multiple products.

Tip: For bronzer use, swirl brush into powder, tap off excess, then sweep across your face for all over warmth. For eyeshadow use, apply directly to lids for a contoured eye look that blurs fast and lasts long.

Best features? Bring it.

For sculpted definition that defies definition, give Re-sculpt a try. One million followers and a reality show not needed.

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