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Re-meet the Chemist Slash Beauty Obsessionist Behind HALEYS

“I love makeup because it’s transformative and instills confidence.”

Ashley, Founder of HALEYS


Hi! We’re HALEYS, a skin-loving makeup brand that breaks rules, barriers and glass ceilings. Although we’re serious about good-for-skin ingredients, we don’t take ourselves toooo seriously. Because we believe that makeup can be both functional and fun. Our founder Ashley (psst—that’s an anagram for HALEYS) is the face and brains behind the brand. Her story? Pretty extraordinary!

The beginning

“I grew up with very acne-prone skin and couldn’t find any products that could work for me. I started HALEYS because I felt that there was a void.”

Growing up, Ashley ALWAYS loved makeup. When her mom gave her the go-ahead to wear it in 9th grade, It was both game-on—and game-changing! Suddenly, she had this newfound confidence. Unfortunately, her skin wasn’t feeling it. No matter how hard she looked, she could never find makeup that didn’t clog her pores, break her out or irritate her complexion. She felt she had to choose between good-for-skin or good coverage—and didn’t think she should have to!


“I always thought female scientists were badass and so inspiring.”

So Ashley decided to combine her love of makeup with her love of science. Armed with a chemistry degree and extensive ingredient knowledge, she skipped the traditional lab work for her true passion—creating makeup that is science-led and skin-loving (AKA made with active ingredients typically used in skincare). After years of formulating (and reformulating!), she succeeded in developing high-performance “Smart Makeup” that provides beautiful coverage without the clog. 


vegan makeup



“When your skin looks good, your makeup looks even better.”

Ashley believes that everyone deserves access to vanity-worthy, best-in-class formulations. That’s why our products are powered by botanicals, housed in sustainable tube packaging and backed by science—at a fair price point. And as major animal lovers, our makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free, obviously. So whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist or anyone in-between, HALEYS proves that Smart Makeup can Re-invent your skin—and Re-new your confidence!

“Wear what you feel comfortable wearing. Be true to yourself and what makes you feel good.”

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