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All Eyes On Re-wind

Finally—the Concealer You’ve Been Waiting for




Ever wish you could take two beauty products and magically merge them together to create your ultimate, holy-grail essential? So do we! Luckily, our founder, Ashley, just happens to be a chemist who was able to make our concealer dreams come true—formulating and reformulating Re-wind until it exceeded even her expectations.


“This mannequin-like coverage blew my mind! After receiving the final sample from the lab, I was scared to run out—I loved it that much.”

Ashley, Founder of HALEYS




Full Coverage. Full-on Flawless.

Ashley designed Re-wind based on customer feedback and her own desire to find a high coverage-yet-hydrating concealer. The problem? The high-coverage ones were too drying, while the hydrating ones didn’t have enough coverage. Ashley didn’t want to choose between the two so she created Re-wind: A weightless concealer that reduces redness, dark circles and fine lines while delivering a soft matte non-drying finish. (Bonus! The cooling metal tip soothes tired or puffy eyes.)

Diamonds Are a Concealer’s Best Friend

Re-wind’s illuminating ingredients make a visible difference. Powered by diamond powder, color-correcting particles convert invisible UV light to blue light that emits luminosity—brightening skin, evening tone and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. We also added non-caking spherical powder to nourish, smooth and blur, plus vitamin E to hydrate, nourish and smooth. Combined, these ingredients create a lightweight cream-to-powder filter-like finish that resists sweat, water and humidity and lasts without budging or creasing.


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Seamless Coverage Meets Effortless Sustainability

Because beauty packaging is a big problem, our tubes are derived from natural and renewable sugarcane grown in Brazil, which is then converted into a versatile bioplastic that’s 100% recyclable. Just cut off the metal tip and clean before tossing in the recycling bin. Plus, our cartons are made of recyclable paperboard sourced from environmentally-sound forests and suppliers.

A concealer that helps you look and feel good? Brilliant.




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