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Sealed With a Mist

Say Hello to Re-fresh


makeup setting spray


Meet the Ultimate Multi-tasker

Ever wish you could push a magic button (or in this case a magic setting spray) and reset your makeup with a spritz? Turns out, anything is possible. Get to know Re-fresh, our highly-anticipated new Priming and Setting Spray.

We’ve ALL been there. After spending an hour in front of the mirror, swiping and lining, blending and blotting, your makeup appears fresh and flawless. Two hours later, the temperature starts rising and your makeup starts sliding. But don’t worry—our chemist-founder, Ashley, spent the last two years developing our NEW Re-fresh Priming and Makeup Setting Spray! This multitasking essential primes skin for makeup then locks it down with a spritz—extending wear for an effortless, budge-proof look in a hydrating milky (not sticky) formula. Re-fresh is powered by a nutrient-rich Triple Floral Blend that hydrates and nourishes—leaving skin soft and silky.


makeup setting spray


What is Makeup Setting Spray?

Makeup setting spray is a finishing product that helps prevent your makeup from sliding. Think of it as a hair spray but instead holds your makeup in place and of course is made from gentle ingredients that are safe to be used on your face.

Behold the Power of this Triple Floral Blend

The secret is in the innovative ingredients—a Triple Floral Blend packed with antioxidants to deliver next-level skin. Ylang Ylang Flower Water is a superstar active that hydrates, purifies and helps balance oil production. White Water Lily Flower Extract is a time-honored floral revered for its ability to clarify and brighten. And Chicory Root Extract is an antioxidant-rich member of the Dandelion family that calms and soothes stressed skin. Together, these botanicals form the ultimate skin-loving, makeup-enhancing trifecta.

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More Tips for our Must-Try Spray? Yes, Way!

For extra longwear, set with Re-touch Soft Focus Setting Powder, our non-caking, ultra-blurring powder that smooths imperfections, absorbs excess oil and sets makeup for a photo-friendly finish—without flashback. Or spray Re-fresh throughout the day for a reinvigorating boost of hydration. Our Re-fresh Priming & Setting Spray even melts makeup layers together to create one seamless, weightless finish. Is there anything Re-fresh can’t do? Another Smart Beauty product to add to our arsenal of beauty that works smarter not harder.

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