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Re–moving the Day with Ashley, Our Chemist Founder

Learn more about why she decided to create our
NEW Re-move Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Ashley + Bruno, our Chief Frenchie Office, chat Re-move Nourishing Cleansing Oil


We're thrilled about our new makeup remover and we can't stop talking about it! So, we went behind-the-scenes with Ashley, our founder and R+D genius behind HALEYS, as she takes us on a journey from formulation to launch, and everything in-between. Discover the power of our antioxidant-rich olive oil ingredient, the magic of a travel-friendly nozzle and the wisdom of a phenoxyethanol-free formula. Dive into the science of oil-based cleansing for acne-prone skin and embrace a world where makeup and impurities dissolve effortlessly. Let's get started.

Q: So, Ashley, why a cleansing oil of all things? 

AO: We received a lot of questions from our customers about how to remove our longwear makeup, especially Re-define, and we continuously referred people to cleansing oils from other brands. With my background in skincare R+D, I decided that it was time to add a cleansing oil to our lineup that we knew would work as a super effective makeup remover for all skin types.

Q: This is HALEYS Beauty's first real foray into skincare - how did it feel to step away from formulated makeup?

AO: It was more of a return to my start in the beauty industry. Before founding HALEYS, I worked in skincare R+D for brands like Juice Beauty, Goop and Avon. Therefore, it was a natural progression to work on our Re-move Nourishing Cleansing Oil.

Q: After testing other competitors on the market, what factors or benefits in the final product ended up being the most important to you? Why?

AO: After testing competitor oils on the market, I found that many were too thick or too thin and they always stripped my skin, so I wanted to formulate the Goldilocks of cleansing oils. Not only that, I wanted our cleansing oil to wash off easily without leaving any residue behind and leave all faces feeling clean and nourished.

As someone who has struggled with acne all my life, I was hesitant about using and formulating a cleansing oil; worried that it would cause my face to break out. I'm happy to say that it doesn't and I use Re-move three times each day - in the morning, after my workout, and at night!

Oil cleansers are actually better for acne-prone skin because oil attracts oil. When you use an oil cleanser, it's able to pull dirt and impurities from your face that water cleansers just can't.

Q: Speaking of final products, the bottle itself is also the star of the show! Why did you decide to go with a nozzle rather than a pump (like many of our competitors on the market)?

AO: Honestly, because pumps are NOT travel-friendly. I can never find the stopper for the pump when I need it! I travel quite a bit for work and for fun, and I'm always worried that product will leak all over my clothes and my bag. I wanted a nozzle that was travel-friendly and also allowed me to control how much product I dispense onto my hands.

Q: Olive oil is one of the top ingredients in this product's formula. Why did you decide to add this antioxidant powerhouse to the lineup?

AO: Olive oil contains antioxidants which help calm redness and irritation. It also protects against free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and premature aging on the skin. Also, olive oil is excellent at dissolving makeup and sebum. So, I decided to use this liquid gold ingredient as the main base to formulate our new cleansing oil.

Q: Why did you decide to limit the amount of ingredients in our new Re-move Cleansing Oil?

AO: It was important to me that we limited the number of ingredients we use in our formula and to keep phenoxyethanol out of the mix. I'm on a mission to ditch unnecessary costs and confusion when it comes to our products, and the lengthy ingredient lists that have become common in the skincare industry.

Q: Why does a phenoxyethanol-free formula matter?

AO: Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that's used in many beauty products to limit bacteria growth and to stabilize perfumes and soaps. Sounds great, right? In high concentrations (> 1%), phenoxyethanol can lead to skin irritations such as eczema and hives, and rare reports of anaphylaxis. The EU has banned phenoxyethanol in concentrations of 1% or more and that's something we take seriously. Being able to formulate this product successfully without phenoxyethanol is a big win for us and the beauty industry!

Q: What do you want those new to the whole cleansing oil thing to know about Re-move?

AO: Fun fact - oil cleanser are actually better for acne-prone skin! Do you remember your first science class where you tried to combine oil and water in one glass and they immediately separated? Imagine that happening on your face. You're using a water-based cleanser and all the excess oils (that can cause those ill-timed acne breakouts) are repelling the water and staying on your face. Oil cleansers are able to pull dirt and impurities from your face that water cleansers just can't.


It just made sense for us to add Re-move Nourishing Cleansing Oil to our lineup - after all, an artist is only as good as her canvas! With her skincare R+D expertise, Ashley has crafted a unique formula featuring antioxidant-rich olive oil and a travel-friendly nozzle, all while a phenoxyethanol-free and minimal ingredient list. Good for all skin types, cruelty-free and vegan, our Re-move Nourishing Cleansing Oil will elevate your skincare and makeup routine like you never though possible. Give it a try, we dare ya ;).

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